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OSW and SAJ Sign Exclusive Cooperation Agreement

Agata Holland25 Jun 2024

OSW and SAJ Sign Exclusive Cooperation Agreement

On June 13, 2024, OSW and SAJ successfully held an exclusive cooperation signing ceremony at SNEC in Shanghai, marking a new phase in the collaboration between the two companies. This ceremony is not only an important milestone for both enterprises as they move towards the future together, but also a recognition of the achievements from the past five years of cooperation.

In the photo: Mr. Zhigang Xing, Vice President of the Board at SAJ and Anson Zhang, CEO and Founder of OSW

At the signing ceremony, Anson Zhang, CEO of OSW, and Xing Zhigang, Vice Chairman of SAJ, attended and signed the cooperation agreement. The representatives from both sides reviewed the cooperation journey over the past five years. Since their partnership began in 2019, both parties have seen significant growth in transaction volumes and business scope. Over the past five years, with joint efforts, the transaction amounts have increased annually, reaching tens of billions of RMB. The scope of business has expanded from initial single-product transactions to diversified cooperation projects, including technological research and development, market promotion, and after-sales services.

Anson Zhang stated, "The past five years of cooperation with SAJ have been very pleasant and fruitful. We have achieved substantial growth in transaction amounts and have continually innovated in our business content. Moving forward, we will continue to work together, meet market challenges, and explore more cooperation opportunities." Xing Zhigang also remarked, "The cooperation between SAJ and OSW has brought us significant market advantages and technical support. Through this signing, we will further deepen our collaboration, fully leveraging our strengths to achieve common development".

The successful signing of this agreement signifies that OSW and SAJ will continue to work closely together, opening a brighter future. With joint efforts, both companies are expected to achieve greater success in the market, setting an example of win-win cooperation in the industry. After the signing ceremony, representatives from both sides engaged in in-depth discussions about future cooperation directions, expressing strong confidence in future developments. The signing of this exclusive cooperation agreement will bring more opportunities for both companies in a highly competitive market environment, injecting new vitality into their development. We look forward to seeing OSW and SAJ achieve even more fruitful results in their future cooperation, writing a more glorious chapter together.